John Coffey


JOHN COFFEY have worked on their debut album in an abandoned factory in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and in tour buses throughout Europe. Guitar feedback could be heard throughout the factory halls until well after midnight; the sound of drums could be heard early in the morning, reflected by steel constructions. In a tour bus in Eastern Europe the wood of the guitars was soaked with sweat from intense live shows.

Five band members on a boot camp where even Rocky Balboa himself would have struggled. The result is a record that will hit listeners like a speeding bullet. Catchy melodies are ruthlessly shot by loud guitar riffs. An unheard form of rock 'n roll in which the band leaves listeners in the dark, not suspecting anything, and waits to pull the trigger at some point in their songs. A record with a bullet hole straight through it. Vanity just got shot.


The debut album by rock 'n roll five-piece JOHN COFFEY

VANITY was recorded by Martijn Groeneveld (of, for example, Face Tomorrow, Solo, The Spirit that Guides Us) and is released on Sally Forth Records / Munich. A limited edition of 1000 copies will be released with real bullet holes.

JOHN COFFEY have played over a hundred shows in The Netherlands and throughout Europe (in, for example, Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Poland) and have opened for bands such as The Chariot, The Juliana Theory and Haste the Day.

The band recorded two well-received EPs and contributed their version of Holiday in Cambodia by Dead Kennedys to the Coverclub compilation CD Never Mind Punk 1977, Here's the Coverclub.

Art van Triest Vocals and keys
Alfred van Luttikhuizen Guitar and backing vocals
Carsten Brunsveld Drums
Richard van Luttikhuizen Bass and backing vocals
Twan Eikelenboom Guitar